“Marketing process and synchronization with customer behavior change phase and its pitfalls”

Information provision activities of MRs are diverse and are carried out through multiple channels.

Offline interviews, email, web interviews, telephone calls, web lectures, offline lectures, briefing sessions, etc.

Then, are these activities selected and executed according to the marketing process and customer behavior change phase?

The marketing process, which is becoming more digital, and the customer behavior change phase are linked processes.

There are several effective information channels as a “means” for the purpose of raising the awareness and interest of potential customers, stimulating their desires and cultivating them into prospective customers, selecting customers with a high probability of receiving orders from prospective customers .

Sales representatives tend to focus much of their activity around customers who are already engaged.

In addition to visiting directly, sending emails and providing information via the Web, management resources are wasted more than necessary.

If sales representatives are responsible for everything, the force will be dispersed, so it is necessary to appropriately select information provision channels according to the marketing process and customer behavior change phase.

For loyal customers whose share value has already reached a stable target value, it is necessary to allocate the sales representatives own activities to the “strengthening” frame, so it is not necessarily linked to the marketing process and the customer’s behavior change phase.

It stems from the fact that the pharmaceutical business is targeted marketing with a mix of various customer types.

In the customer behavior change phase, if there is a competing product in the same class, it is possible that the competitor’s product has already been selected due to poor progress with your own product, so always remember the 3C perspective.

Using the matrix analysis method, you can grasp the customer phase from the perspective of 3C and track the changes.