Medical Tribuneが報告した「Oncologist Fact Report 2022」によると、「キャズム理論」を用いて医師の行動特性を分析した結果、属性分類ごとに医薬品情報の収集チャネルに違いがあるそうです。




“Differences in the Speed of the Recruitment Process Based on Behavioral Traits and Information Channels”

According to the “Oncologist Fact Report 2022” published by Medical Tribune, the analysis of physicians’ behavioral traits using the “Chasm Theory” reveals variations in the choice of information channels for collecting pharmaceutical information based on different attributes.

When it comes to gathering pharmaceutical information, the groups with faster recruitment processes tend to actively utilize medical seminars and healthcare-related websites. Particularly, they show a higher inclination to gather information through healthcare websites.

The middle segment of physicians is influenced by social factors, whereas the laggards tend to adhere to their existing habits, values, and are more risk-averse.

Utilizing the optimal information channels based on specific attributes seems to enhance the speed of the recruitment process.