Let’s check the answers to the question “Can you answer the capture difficulty, priority, and resource allocation of the four customers with different share values?”

Based on observations from MR, it is necessary to have a hypothesis as a starting point to qualitatively understand customers and pivot accordingly.

Without establishing a hypothesis, continuing to grope blindly would either lead to getting lost in a labyrinth or, even if things go well, it would be difficult to reproduce the success.

So let’s try to come up with a hypothesis for answer checking.

Our company’s competitive position with customers A and B is positioned at the target value of “having no influence on the market and being a withdrawal criterion,” and the possibility of a turnaround from here can be considered extremely low.

Therefore, the priority for resource allocation should be given to customers C and D.

Customer C forms a decentralized market, and it is anticipated that the criteria for drug selection by doctors, who are the customers, have not yet been established.

Since there is no overwhelmingly dominant player, there is a chance to rise to the top, but it can be said that the competency of the assigned MR will be tested because customers may be making drug selections based on factors other than drug characteristics.

Concentrating more resources than competing companies is necessary.

For customer D, the share of competitor product ⑥, which holds the top share, is likely to reach a stable level.

Since the narrowing down of drug selection is progressing, the key to success lies in how to switch customers from products ranked 4th or lower to your own product.

Here as well, it will be necessary to concentrate more resources than competing companies, so it is necessary to consider reallocating resources from A and B.

You were able to establish these hypotheses based on the data. However, in order to increase accuracy, you need to consider factors such as the market/product lifecycle phases and the strengths and advantages of competing companies.

However, these situations are difficult for the headquarters to see, so the presence of the assigned MR is indispensable.

If you can standardize qualitative approaches based on the experience and intuition of MR, you should be able to achieve an objective and reproducible activity cycle.